Welcome To February

February may be my favorite month of the year, you know why? Presidents Day, that’s why. My family has always been big on celebrating the lesser holidays and after Bastille Day, Presidents Day was my favorite holiday as a kid. It started in kind of a weird way, the year that my brother made a big deal about Presidents Day because he thought that it was both George Washington and Abraham Lincoln’s birthdays. Since the presidents too dead to celebrate he felt that we should eat cake in their honor. That’s not the weird part, that’s just a good way to get our mom to buy us a cake; in retrospect that was a genius move for a six year old kid. I think we should all designate a historical figure’s birthday as a special day of celebration… well in addition to Jesus I guess. Think about it, we all get one more cake and maybe a present each year and we can pick anyone we want so my wife will have to say to me…relax honey, it’s your special day….it’s Eugene V. Debbs’ birthday.

The strange part of my brother’s idea was that he also thought that having the same birthday made Washington and Lincoln brothers; he never explained this theory though and ever since it’s confused me because he and I are brothers and our birthdays are not on the same day.

Anyway, we got the cake that year and for many years afterward. Once the Presidents Day cake was finished my brother, sister, and I would vote on a bill banning bedtimes and my dad would sign it into law. Then dad would make a speech emancipating the dog and we’d shoot our guns and pass the jug around; happy Birthday Mr. President!

P.S. – If you still haven’t gotten enough of January, check out the interview I did with Natalie of Tell Me About It fame.


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