I Can’t Believe It’s Been So Long

Metro Blogging LA’s Will Campbell reminded us that today marks 22 years since the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster. I still remember hearing the news while in sixth grade math class; our teacher stood in front of the class looking very solemn and said:

“Class, I have a very important announcement…a short time ago there was an accident when the space shuttle launched. We don’t know the details yet but it looks very serious. “NASA has not said what happened to the seven astronauts on board but it looks like they might not have survived.”

The room went completely silent and after a second I raised my hand to ask the teacher a question.

– “Does this mean we get to go home?”
“It’s already sixth period, by the time the buses get here it will be time for dismissal.”
– I don’t take the bus, can I go home?”
– “Well, I’m not doing any work?”

So, where were you when this happened?

In the event you don’t remember where you were for this event you may substitute one the following:

Where were you when the guy from Milli Vanilli died, and was it Rob or Fab?


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