Celebrity Snow Days

When John Lennon was shot I was only six years old. I remember my mom crying, but I don’t remember being sad because I got to stay home from school. This started the bittersweet tradition of the “Celebrity Day Off”.

A few years later it happened again:

“Mom, John Belushi died, can we stay home from school?”
– “Yes”

Then the next year:

“Mom, Marvin Gaye got shot”
-“Did he die”
– “No school tomorrow”

In time this tradition faded away and eventually it disappeared completely*. When Rock Hudson died we took a half day but according to my much younger brother they didn’t miss a minute of school when Kurt Cobain, Tupac or Biggie died. The kids today may have a lot of advantages but they don’t have it all.

*I resurrected the old tradition on my own by taking a day off when Joe Strummer passed away.


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