More Than A Feeling (Of Disappointment)

Over at the Onion AV Club, Nathan Rabin has wrapped up his Year of Flops. Twice a week for the past 12 months Mr. Rabin has been writing about the Cinema of Disappointment and from the start it’s been one of my favorite reads. If you haven’t been following it you can catch up now thanks to the magic of the archives.

Speaking of disappointment I missed my chance to get an ass full of arena rock when I left that truck stop without purchasing the item shown below:

(Photo courtesy of my wife)

How did I leave that winning combination behind? I wonder what other artists make up the Winning Combination collection?

Reader Chialynn proposed the brilliant theory that the Winning Combinations CD series is done alphabetically so Asia and Boston leads to Chicago and Def Leppard etc…
This calls for a complete A-Z list of has beens and lousy bands that could make up the series. The list will be updated as the day goes on, please suggest in the comments section and letters may be used multiple times.

Asia – Boston or Air Supply – BTO (Suggested by JT)
Chicago – Def Leppard (suggested by Chialynn)
ELO – Foreigner (suggested by Chialynn)
Genesis – Hot Tuna (suggested by me)
Iron Maiden – Judas Priest (suggested by Karen)
Kansas – Limp Bizkit (Suggested by Jodi)or Kansas-Loverboy (suggested by Annika)
Motley Crue – Nelson (suggested by Annika)
Offspring – Poison (suggested by Annika)
Quiet Riot – RATT (Suggested by Slackmistress) or Queen – Rare Earth (Suggested by my Dad)
Scorpions-Toto(suggested by Annika)
Uriah Heep – Van Halen (Suggested by T. Primo)
Vixen – Warrant (Suggested by Slackmistress)
Winger – XYZ (Suggested by Slackmistress)
Yaz – ZZ Top (suggested by Annika)

Note: Keely suggested Katrina $ The Waves and Lita Ford and while they are worthy contenders I always give Katrina a pass because she was in The Soft Boys.


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