A Brand New Name

One of my goals for this year is to publish something again. This is something I haven’t done in a while but lately I’m working hard at writing more than just this blog and hopefully you’ll be seeing my byline one of these days. Of course, most reputable editors will reject me so I’ll likely need to resort to some lesser know literary publications. Luckily I know a lot about these types of journal and magazines, for example, did you know that Buttman Magazine publishes fiction? It says so right on the cover, beneath the butts. Same goes for Donkey Show Illustrated and Sneaky Creampie Digest. Are they ideal? No. Will it bring me to the attention of the giants of the publishing world? Maybe, at least Donkey Show might but regardless it’s a start. However, since these are fringe publications I should probably get myself a fancy literary pseudonym. Here are three I’ve come up with that I’d like you to vote on, also if you have any other suggestions you can add them in the comments.

pollsTake Our Poll

Also, a hearty pat on the back for anyone who can tell me where those last names come from.

If none of these names work for you I can always go with Poll Daddy.


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