Just Like Sister Ray Said

Here at Be the Boy I cover a wide range of topics; like robots, midget poker players, marriage, holiday stories, music, baseball etc…Basically I try to offer something for the whole family, in fact Midget Poker Player Magazine calls this the “Best Blog for the Whole Family” (my own family rates it the third best for our family after my wife’s blog and bigtitpatrol.com). I don’t know where this blog ranks for your family but I hope that it’s higher than that Monkees slash fiction site where The Monkees all have sex with one another; I think it’s called Ass Train To Clarksville but I could be wrong (by the way, here’s where to find it, but you’ll wish you hadn’t).

Anyway, I say this because there are times when I don’t feel like what I have to say is very accessible to other people, days like today where I feel disconnected and I’ve got nothing god to say. Those of you who have read for a while (thanks for doing that) might remember extended my extended periods of feeling this way. The disconnected feeling has been pretty rare for a while now and that’s great, but the downside is that it feels worse when it does happen and the more I think about it the worse it gets, so the key is to not think too much and just let it pass which is easier said than done. To try and fight off this feeling I’ve worked out a system to try and keep my self from over thinking; It’s called The Sister Ray Solution.

Some days all I want to do is play The Velvet Underground’s Sister Ray. The final song on While Light/White Heat, Sister Ray is a feedback drenched epic of drug use and violence with a stomping guitar riff and Stooges-like back beat that absolutely fucking kills for 17 and a half minutes. When I used to find myself feeling down I’d get in my old VW with White Light/White Heat and roll through the Hollywood Hills late at night with Sister Ray until the guitar, drums and keyboard literally pounded the bad mood out of me. Sister Ray is my go to song when I need to change my mood and I suppose that everyone has a song they turn to, in the same way that everyone has their own El Guapo.

We’ll pick it up Sister Ray in the middle, if you know the riff you can sing along:

Rosie and Miss Rayon
They’re busy waiting for her booster
Who just got back from Carolina
Said she didn’t like the weather
They’re busy waiting for her sailor
Who’s dressed in pink and leather
He’s just here from Alabama
He wants to know a way to earn a dollar
I’m searching for my mainer
I said I couldn’t hit it sideways
I said I couldn’t hit it sideways
Just like sister ray said

(By the way, it’s been playing as I have been writing this and there are still 8 minutes to go in the song)

Since the last time I drove up Mullholland in my old car there have been several live versions of Sister Ray released that are all substantially longer than the 17 minutes in the original album. In fact, my play list right now contains nothing but 4 versions of Sister Ray, which I intend to hear in their entirety that’s 107 minutes of Duck, Sally, Cecil, Rosie and Miss Rayon.

Should you want to play along at home, here are all four versions (the live ones are substantially quieter than the album take, click the links to download):

Velvet Underground – Sister Ray

Velvet Underground – Sister Ray (Live)

Velvet Underground – Sister Ray (Live2)

Velvet Underground – Sister Ray/Foggy Notion (Live3)


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