My Dad’s Big News Leads To Some Extra Goals

Yesterday I posted my list of goals for 2008 but that’s not all I hope to accomplish. In addition to the five serious items I’ve already listed I’ve got a few other things plan on doing this year. They are smaller goals but here they are:

1- Finally succumb to the convenience of the Google Reader.
2- Update the design of this blog.
3- See my mother get remarried and make sure my sister Lisa isn’t there.

The first two are pretty self explanatory and easy to do but the third one will take some doing and probably needs an explanation. Well it just so happens that I have an explanation ready for you:

A little over a week ago my father, who appears regularly in this blog and can be counted on for outstanding comments, said that he had a major announcement to make but I’d have to wait to find out what it would be. After thinking it over I figured it probably involved the Mets making a big deal or he finally got around to seeing The Big Lebowski. I wanted to get a jump on the news so I scanned the sports news and consulted the only sometimes baseball blog of ESPN’s Keith Law for news of a possible Mets trade but found nothing. Then when I spoke to him on Christmas I waited for him to tell me “The Dad/Dude abides” but he didn’t so the announcement had to be something else, and I’d just have to wait.

So last night when my phone rang I knew it was my dad calling so I picked up and waited to hear the news. Except it wasn’t my father, it was my sister Lisa using his cell phone. She was calling to tell me that while everyone else was spending New Years Eve drinking beer and catching the Twilight Zone marathon my father was getting married then drinking beer and catching the Twilight Zone Marathon. That is a pretty big announcement and one I shouldn’t have been surprised by, my dad and his new bride have been living together and when I saw the two of them together a few months ago it seemed clear that they were both very happy. So, congratulations are in order for Dad of Boy and his bride Dee who is now my new mommy.

Though the wedding is great news it is the reason I had to add the third item to my list above. You see until a few days ago I was the undisputed leader of my family in the category of “wedding attended that involved one or more of our parents”. Until Monday night my sister Lisa had been to 2 weddings involving our parents (both featuring mom) while I had been to three thanks to the fact that I was on the guest list as my mothers plus one (unborn baby) back in March of 1974 (part of a short lived Take your Fetus to Church promotion). I thought it was pretty cool of them to invite me but when I was born three months later they started wondering out loud if the wedding gift I had sent was lost in the mail. Needless to say I immediately busted out the JC Penny Catalog and picked out a sweet air hockey table which they never let me use even after they divorced. Sorry to veer off on a tangent but I love air hockey. Anyway, my sister was the only one of us to go home for the holidays so she not only knew all along that my dad was getting remarried, she was there for it. She and I are now tied at 3 parental weddings each. Sure it may not sound like much but you have to understand that my sister is pretty awesome and this was likely the only thing I’ll ever surpass her in. So, I’d like to see my mom get remarried while my sister is stuck in traffic. Come on Mom, you can do this for me.

All sibling rivalry aside I’m very happy for my father (Dad of Boy) and his wife (Dee). Congratulations and Happy New Year!


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