The Be The Boy Holidays: Day 11 – Things I’ll Miss This Year

Things I Will Miss By Not Going Home to Long Island For The Holidays

– Drinking at least 6 cups of Dunkin Donuts coffee a day
– The one day of the year we can sit on my grandmother’s couch (she leaves the plastic on but it’s still cool)
– Hearing my wisdom of my parent’s (i.e.- “It’s only a lie if they find out you’re lying”)
– Counting the number of times Mom refers to me by my brother’s name
– The holiday debate about what stores are open on Christmas:

“Hey what’s open today?”
– “Nothing but 7-11, it’s Christmas.”
“The bagel place is open, right?”
– “No, closed”

(Later that day)

“Is the liquor store open today”
– “No, it’s Christmas”
“What are we supposed to do then?”
– “The bars will open at 6”
“That’s like an hour from now”
– “Almost two hours.”
“I hate Christmas!”

– Catching the train to Manhattan
– Driving past every house we ever lived and had to move out of under suspicious circumstances


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