The Be The Boy Holidays: Day 10 and Half – Christmas in Los Angeles 2005

Over the past few weeks I’ve made it very clear that I’m embracing the holiday spirit this year. While my wife and I haven’t decorated the house or even gone shopping we look forward to spending our first Christmas together since we got married, even if we’re doing it in a way that’s not exactly traditional. I know we’re skipping the tree and wrapping paper but we have been buying a lot of peppermint lattes and we’re going to spend our Christmas eve and Christmas day exactly the way we want to…just us and the dog with 48 hours of absolutely nothing to do and no where to be. We’ll have food, a TiVo full of stuff to watch and movies for when we that runs out.

We’ll have to get the movies from Netflix though since there are no more video stores near our house. The 20/20 Video on Beverly closed at the beginning of the year and while I was sad to see it go it couldn’t compare to the day two years ago when the greatest video store ever closed. Best video store ever was located on Santa Monica Blvd, right by the Trader Joe’s and it’s closing almost resulted in the cancellation of Christmas. I wrote about it at the time; from December 2005, I present to you: The Saddest Day

The greatest video store in the world (that I never went to) is closing. I saw the signs when I drove past yesterday: Going Out Of Business! Everything Must Go! If you were walking past you’d think there was nothing worth buying at any price, after all from the outside all you could see were VHS tapes of 80’s movies. Those VHS tapes were just a front though because through the saloon-style doors, was a wonderful world…through those doors was galaxy of pornography.

(I HEARD there was porn, again I NEVER checked to see if this was true…NEVER)

Now before you judge keep in mind that this was not what you may be picturing, it was clean and well lit, the kind of place you could go to on a date, a first date even (not that I would know anything about that personally), the kind of place women could go to alone and feel comfortable. The store was even a family place, I once saw a father and son picking out movies together, and it was touching and revolting at the same time. Actually Touching and Revolting may have been the name of a movie they purchased.

Wait, it gets better; twice a week it was rent one, get one free! (Just for the record I’d normally never be interested in seeing filth but I never pass a good deal by.)

Alas, now it’s gone. I didn’t even stop the car because I don’t like goodbyes (not that I’ve ever been there).

Yes Virginia there really is a Santa Claus but he won’’t bring happiness this year, we may as well cancel Christmas.

Finally, two years later, I’m ready to celebrate the holidays again and it’s all because of my wife. She makes me happier than I’ve ever been and she inspires me to be the best I can be. Thanks to her I know I’ll be ok, even though the best store ever is gone.

*Some of this post is tongue in cheek.
**”Tongue in Cheeks” was a very popular title.
***In the past year I’ve learned that several members of my family read this blog. You’d assume then that I’d be writing about porn less, but you’d be wrong.
****If anyone is ever compiles stories of Christmas in Los Angeles I hope they use this one.

Finally, as I’ve mentioned a few times….my wife Nina and I along with some other local bloggers will be meeting up at Bar Lubitsch tonight. Email me for details if you’re interested (betheboy AT gmail DOT com)…and don’t be shy, when we say local bloggers, we mean you…yes you. I’d email you myself if I had the address.


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