Linked to the Mainstream Media

Let’s pull the holiday story car over to the side of the road for a minute and talk about something near and dear to all bloggers…the link.

As an obsessive blogger, I’m always interested in finding out where someone has linked to me. Thanks to tools like Technorati and Sitemeter I can find out where I’m linked without having to read the entire internet. In the time that this blog has been active I’ve found it linked in some pretty great places (like your blog) and whenever I find it somewhere new I want to learn about the person(s) who added the link. “Why, of all the blogs in the world, did they add me?” “Did they add it because they like me or does it say “This is the worst blog/person ever”?

Usually, when someone adds a link it’s because we share interests, we’re friends or we’re married and it’s flattering to know that someone thinks enough of you to put you under the “Blogs I Like” or “Friends Of” heading…I remember the day I found myself linked on The Slack Daily, Nina and I had not met at the time but I had a not so secret crush on her and the link was like getting a present, a present with boobs. Hopefully, she felt equally excited to find herself linked here but she and I both admit that we were more excited to find ourselves linked on The Sneeze than by each other.

Occasionally I find myself linked somewhere and I can’t figure out why, like yesterday when I noticed that a visitor had come my way from…The Wall Street Journal? I know when you think finance you think of me but I had no idea that the media did too, until yesterday at least. As it turns out, the online version of the Journal uses a service to crawl the web to find blogs related to the story you’re reading and this is where the fun comes in. In an article about gifts for billionaires called “Seven Yachts A-Sailing, Six…” I was linked under “Blogs Related to This Story” with a Christmas tale about my dad giving us canned food as gifts. Obviously the answer to the question; ”What do you get for someone who has everything” is now found right in your kitchen. Either that or no one checked to see of the stories we’re really related. The story can be found here, as of this morning the link to my blog was still at the bottom of the page.

More holidays stuff coming soon.

P.S. – Yes, you should take this as a hint to add a link to my blog.

Finally….Nina and I will be at Bar Lubitsch at 8pm this Monday, December 17th if any LA blogfolk want to meet up. If you don’t see us in the front room, make sure to check out the back (there’s a room behind the bathrooms.) Email me for details if you’re interested betheboy AT gmail DOT com…(don’t be shy, when we say LA blogfolk, we mean you…yes you. I’d email you myself if I had the address).


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