Some Helpful Links

I’m ducking out of storytelling mode for a second to share some useful holiday links:

1- If you’re still looking for unique gifts, try the JustJenn Store; but don’t tell her I sent you because she thinks my friends are weird.

2 – Aquarium Drunkard has been posting some holiday music in between the usual outstanding stuff. Check out Marvin Gaye’s “Purple Snowflakes”.

3 – The Daily Randi is not posting about the holidays but we did go to her fabulous Hanukkah party last weekend. She’s getting married and having an adventure with the planning.

4- I received an early Christmas present courtesy of Kliph Nesterhoff who shared some nearly forgotten old time radio shows. Check out his stuff on WFMU and at Generation Exploitation.

Finally, I’ve organized all of The Be the Boy Holidays posts together for easy reading. You’ll find them all here. Thanks for reading.


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