Winter Bonerland

The best part about living in Los Angeles, aside from the tacos, is the fact that it’s still warm and sunny through the fall and winter; this is also the one thing I still haven’t gotten used to. Despite spending a large portion of my life here in LA, when I start seeing Christmas trees for sale I wonder when it’s going to snow. Eight years into my LA residence and it still hasn’t happened.

I miss a lot of things about New York; going to see the Mets, the Peep World over by Penn Station, and Wise potato chips to name a few. Another thing I really miss is Manhattan just after it snows, in the first 30 minutes between the start of the snowfall and the moment people start peeing in it the city becomes a surreal place, like a snow globe with a dildo shop inside. I miss that dirty snow globe.

FYI- Winter Bonerland is the best title I’ve ever thought of.


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