Keep Those Cards and Letters Coming

She told me she was having one of those days where she says to herself “Holy crap! We’re married!” and I understand completely. In a short time, everything has changed and almost all of it for the better. What started with an email and some chatting led to a meeting, and when she said she couldn’t date me because the timing was all wrong I understood and didn’t pout, I just went home and waited for the right time. Well I may have forced the issue, ever so gently, on a Sunday morning, one year ago.

A year’s worth of Sunday’s ago I wrote this letter. I know it’s unusual to profess one’s feelings to someone via blog when you know that that person is reading. It could have gone terribly wrong but she was getting ready to leave for Chicago and while I knew she’d be back, I had to say it before she left. She read it and the last thing she did before leaving town was stop by my house. The answer was still no but something had changed; what was once “I don’t think it’s right” had changed to “If it were a better time I would”.

That better time came sooner than I thought it would, but if you’ve followed along here you already knew that. So on a day like today, when she says “Holy crap! We’re married!”, I say “Yeah, and it’s the best thing I ever did.”

Come on, you’d be happy to if you got to do this all day:


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