Well, I’ve Finally Done It

Come here looking for some strike posts? Go here and here.

For my wife’s take Writers Guild strike, go see her blog.

Hey MediaBistro! thanks for the link.

As for the usual tomfoolery, see below:

I was reading LA blogger/Cupcake maker Hilary’s site yesterday and at the end of the post she asked, How does religion play a part in your life?

You can read the whole post here.

Now I’m the type who likes to participate so I wanted to answer but religion doesn’t really play a big role in my life. I think Jesus was a cool guy but I haven’t joined his club, same goes for Buddha, Mohamed and The Fonz; nice guys to send an afternoon with but I’m not ready to dedicate my life to any of them just yet. Basically, I’m not convinced in the existence of god but I’m willing to be wrong. I probably should have just given that as my answer but instead I said this:

“The biggest part that religion ever played in my life was back in high school when my friend Peter got a job cleaning up after church’s bingo nights. A perk of the cleanup was the ability to steal the communion wafers, and not just the little one…the big ceremonial ones that only the priest and Jesus get to use. Well communion wafers taste awful but whenever we’d get too drunk on the malt liquor we’d bust out the wafers and a little butter and we had ourselves some sinful treats.”

That’s a true story. I don’t know if you’ve ever combined Old E and communion but I don’t recommend it because it doesn’t taste very good; or good at all. I’ve always considered this story to be a bit of youthful silliness but someone in the comments found it both sacrilegious and offensive, that’s fine, the reader is entitled to their opinion and I certainly didn’t intend to offend them. I’m surprised by the fact that, after all the things I’ve written about here and elsewhere, my malt liquor and body of Christ recipe is the thing that offends someone. Considering that I’ve previously written about midget poker, retard dating and hobo handjobs, I figured this would have happened years ago. At least now I can cross “Offending God” off of my to-do list although if there is a god they probably realize I was just being a kid and not a heathen.


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