A Message From The Homefront of The Writers Guild of America Strike: One Husband’s View

My wife is a member of the Writers Guild of America and like all WGA members, she is on strike. For the last week and a half she has been doing her part as a guild member; picketing the studios and blogging about why this is the right thing for her and the other writers to do(see here and here). Now, I support my wife but I’m not here to tell you why I think the writers have been getting cheated out of revenues they rightly deserve, I’m here to tell you how this strike is affecting me the spouse of a WGA member.

You see since November 1st my wife has been getting up early to do her part for something she believes in, she does this in addition to working her non writing job (one she might not need if she’d been fairly compensated for DVD and online sales) when she comes home after a long day she is very tired; as for me, I am….well…I’m incredibly turned on by the fact that she’s been raging against the machine all day. I’m serious; I find all this civil disobedience to be really hot. All I want to say when she gets home is; “I know you’re exhausted baby but why don’t you slip into something more comfortable and tell me about the Writers Guild of America’s Minimum Basic Agreement”.

I’d like to see this strike come to a speedy conclusion with a deal that’s fair to the writers but I wouldn’t mind if it lasts a few more days, just so I can get some more hot labor activist action at home.

This is probably what it was like to live with Cesar Chavez.


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