66.6% Complete

On the first day of this year I set some goals for myself, consisting of some basic things I needed like transportation, love and midgets. Here is the list with some notations that I’ve added today:

The Be the Boy To Do List for 2007

Get my car back – At the end of last year I had to replace the transmission on my car and I was unable to pay for the replacement. Thankfully I got lots of help from friends, family and the readers of this blog and I got my car back a few days after this was posted back in January. Once again I’d like to thank everyone who helped me when I was in need.

Dine with a midget
– It’s a well documented fact that I am unable to eat if there is a midget in the room. I’d like to change this.

Marry The Slackmistress
– I did this back in May, look there’s even a video. In case you’re wondering, yes I did propose via blog. Here is the original post, see the comments for details.

So, it’s November and I’ve completed two of my three goals; I am married and I drive a car but I still dine sans little people, I’ll have to work on that. Does anyone know a little person who needs a free meal? (Preferably not the little guy in this post.)

P.S. – I’m still soliciting recommendations in the comments of yesterday’s post.


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