The Six Month Play Along Game

Over Friday, Nina and I celebrated being married for six months by revisiting the place where we had our first meeting. Unlike last year I didn’t go home alone but unlike last year bought dinner. The six month mark was actually the next day and so we commemorated it by watching Zombie Movies and celebrating the fact that while I got my haircut earlier in the day, it didn’t cause controversy like it did a few months ago. Perhaps this is premature but I feel like after a few difficult weeks we are back on track at the fake detective agency.

Otherwise, while my wife is busy being on strike, working her two non writing jobs and finishing on some personal projects, there isn’t a whole lot going on with me. Today feels like a good day for audience participation so if you have the time please answer one or both of the following questions:

1- If you have a blog or a website, why did you start it?
2- What blog or blogs, besides those already linked on my sidebar, would you recommend I read?


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