Today is…

Do you know what today is? It’s a very important day but it’s not on your calendar unless you live at my house so rather than have you guess I’ll just tell you…no wait, guess once.

If you guessed that it is Joni Mitchell’s birthday you are technically correct because she turns 64 today but that’s not the important date I’m thinking of. What I’m thinking of if the fact that one year ago today Nina and I met for the first time. Just 365 days ago I was nervously sitting at work emailing friends for advice because I was about to meet a girl that I liked; as you can tell, it went well.

Many of you know the story by now but here are a few secret facts about that first meeting:

1- I was very excited all day leading up to our meting. In fact I emailed several people throughout the course of the day to talk about it.

2- I allowed myself a full hour to drive the roughly 10 miles from my house to our designated meeting spot.

3 – Made the drive in much less than an hour so drove around the block for a while but I was still there before her.

4- Didn’t want her to know I got there first so I excused myself to the men’s room where I waited for several minutes until she arrived.

5- There was absolutely no smooching or anything else, in fact I was totally friend zoned by the end of the night.

6- After saying goodnight I said “I bet we get married in six months”*

*(I did not actually say this, or even think it for at least another three weeks.)

From meeting exactly a year ago to being married for six months as of this coming Saturday it’s been the best year of my life. Tonight we celebrate by going to see The Hold Steady w/ Art Brut and we’ll continue to celebrate as long as we can. Thanks for playing along at home.


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