What To Do When You Finish That Novel

According to what I’ve seen on other people’s blogs, it’s the time of year when many good bloggers decide that there is a novel in them and so they decide to unleash it on the world. This is called National Novel Writing Month or NaNoWriMo. Don’t worry, I won’t be writing a novel this month, or probably ever. However, I got to thinking; if November is the months for bloggers to write novels, what can we do with the other eleven months?

Well, I’m not the boss of the year so I don’t want to start suggesting things for the whole year but here are a few things I’ve thought of that we can try for the next few months, with the abbreviations I’d like to use for each.

National Stop Knitting Scarves Month (NaSKiSMo) – Come on, enough with the scarves already. If you must knit, make something awesome like a glider or a Pez dispenser.

National Your Kid is Kind of Average Month (NaYoKiKAM)
– According to blogs, every child is a precious little snowflake, and while your kid might be, odds are that some of kids are at worst retarded and at best just like most other kid; that’s not a bad thing. You can go back to your unrealistic expectations next month.

National Maybe You’re the Problem Month (NaMYProM) – Is everyone around you “crazy”? Are you’re dates always afraid of commitment? Spend 30 days looking into the possibility that everyone else is fine and they just aren’t into you.

National No Firsties Month (NaNoFirst)
– For just this month, no one in a comment section or message board will be permitted to sat “FIRST” if they are the first commenter. Saying Fuckpants will still be allowed.

So that’s what I have so far, if you’d like to suggest a month we can all observe, you can do so in the comments. Bonus points if they give us a a month long break from something annoying.


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