Wreckless Eric

In the comments to Friday’s post about Jill Read, One F who writes Blasphemes, mentioned that Wreckless Eric has been on the road performing lately. Like Jill Read, Wreckless Eric was on Stiff Records back in the day and he put out a number of terrific songs for them and he did this despite being absolutely incapable of carrying a tune. Don’t get the wrong idea about the man though, he couldn’t sing but Wreckless Eric made up for it by writing some excellent songs that actually benefited from being sung in his ragged, raw voice. I’ve always been big fans of musicians whose songs could transcend the limitations of their voice (Dylan, Waits, McGowan etc….) and Wreckless Eric’s work definitely did that. Check out the two songs below and you’ll see what I mean (click the links to download).

Wreckless Eric- Whole Wide World

Wreckless Eric- Semaphore Signals

Wreckless Eric on eMusic.


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