Games People Play

For the past several weeks my wife and I have been playing Scrabulous through Facebook. We’ll frequently be sitting on the couch with the game open in two separate browsers, passing the laptop back and forth while we make our moves. Sometimes we’ll add a little wrinkle to the game by playing it Blogger Style; this is when we pick a blog we both read and all of the words we play have to relate to that blog somehow. Yes we are nerdy, but don’t laugh until you try it.

When we first started the game we’d place wagers on it but I quickly gave that up because she beats me most of the time, I simply can’t afford it. The frustrating thing is that I’m a pretty good player, she is just better. As it stands right now my win loss record against her is like 4-15, but I have a plan to come back, which I explained to her the other day.

“I got a plan baby, I’m going to just outlive you and then when you die I’ll log in as both of us and win as many games as I need to finish ahead…Then I’ll die a winner.”

Somehow, she still seems happy to be married to me.

P.S. – I highly recommend Blogger Scrabulous.


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