Home Sweet Piles of Junk

The city came to inspect the building I live in yesterday and despite my landlady’s fears the building appears to have done OK and we still have a place to live. In what is probably a sign that we should move, when I was driving to work yesterday I said to myself “Please don’t condemn the building, please don’t condemn the building.” We’ve talked about moving to a place that isn’t located inside a deathtrap owned by a crazy person but it would result in us doubling or even tripling our rent, since that’s not an option for us right now we’re sticking it out in our very inexpensive but slightly dangerous apartment. For reference two of the pictures below represent our apartment and the third one represents the home of the woman who owns the place. Can you guess which is which?

Years ago, in an effort to get her to clean up her place an old tenant called her pretending to be from the fire department and told her that her place was a fire hazard and had to be cleaned out or the city would fine her. That worked for a while so it may be time to try that tactic again.


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