Will Someone Please Think of the Children?

The always delightful Annie knows books like nobody’s business and she frequently writes about literature and publishing in between posts about movies, food and monsters. Yesterday she shared a nasty bit of censorship that’s going on under the guise of “Will Someone Please Think of the Children” by a group called The Happy Endings Foundation*. The very misleadingly named Happy Endings Foundation is a UK based group that seeks to eradicate children’s books that don’t have happy endings. Check their calendar, they are holding a public book burning on November 5th. Hey why stop at books; why not also burn the authors?

The ironic thing about groups that work to ban books is that the people will most likely need to purchase the books in order to burn them so the protesters are actually supporting the very thing that they are against. That’s some nice censorship there people. Apparently the policy of simply not reading books they don’t like makes too much sense.

I can’t be alone in thinking that The Happy Endings Foundation sounds like a lot more fun than it is. Look at this misleading portion of their mission statement: “to ensure the longevity of HAPPY ENDINGS (that means “to make sure happy endings are around for a long time”). The misplaced quotation marks are theirs not mine, but that sentence says to me that this is a group of masseuses that you’re likely to find advertised at the back of the paper; but alas they are not. Too bad, because if they were I’d support a group promoting handjobs, but not one that promotes censorship.

UPDATE at 11:40 am PT: It appears that we may have been fooled and the happy Endings Foundation may be a hoax, see here for details. Hopefully this means that they will in fact be giving handjobs in the near future.


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