A Few Notes

If you’re waiting for a mix from me and not named Leah, check your email. I finally uploaded all of the mixes and sent you links to download them.

If your name is Leah, check your mailbox at home in a few days, my wife is going to the post office to mail a CD to you today. It’s a good thing I got married because I hate going to the post office more than anything in the world. It bothers me so much that I once had to take a day off of work in order to buy stamps, I needed to nap afterwards.

Also, if you live in Hawaii and I have owed you a Lifter/Puller CD for about two years, you can thank my wife for dropping it in the mail.

Finally, if you’re my wife and you’re reading this, thanks for jumping on the post office grenade, let me know how I can make this up to you.


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