Thanks For the Help

Last week I solicited your help in selecting a birthday gift for my wife and you responded in a big way (see here for the many suggestions). Anyway, after a lot of deliberation, I found what I think is the right gift but for the next week I’ll be filled with doubt and making backup plans. It’s important to me to get this right; not because it’s her first birthday since we got married but because it’s the first of her birthdays we’ve EVER spent together. My birthday happened a few months ago but I doubt she had much trouble finding something for me since there’s a simple formula for getting me a gift that goes like this:

(x) + Robots, Detective or Nekkid Ladies: multiplied by antique electronics = Perfect Gift for Me

You can all use that when getting me a gift. I suspect that most men I know have a similar formula but buying gifts for women remains a mystery to me. If there is a formula I’d like to know it.


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