The Choke is Now Complete

A few weeks ago I was planning a get together for my wife’s birthday, at that time the Mets were looking playoff bound and I wondered what I would do if the Mets we’re playing on the night of the party. We’ll the Mets have spared me that bit of worry by completing the biggest choke job of my lifetime and blowing a seven game lead in the final two and a half weeks of the season. There’s nothing to say except that they simply weren’t good enough this year and the pre-playoff exit just save me from getting upset next week after they got swept out of the playoffs. My Mets cap and jersey is put away until April.

Yesterday, I wasn’t so adult about this whole thing and wanting to forget about the disappointing end to the baseball season, I decide to start my wife’s birthday celebrating early by taking her out to dinner. As we drove to the restaurant we passed a place called The Braille Institute and I asked my wife: “Why do they bother to put the name of the place on the Braille Institute?” I was quite pleased with my stupid joke until she said. “I wonder why they have a parking lot.” I’m sure that making fun of people who can’t see isn’t a good thing but I laughed for the first time all day.


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