Some Infamous Details

To make up for lost time the updates will be coming more frequently at least for a few days.

Taking my wife to my hometown went better than I anticipated, she met the family and saw several important landmarks including all of the places I lived and went to school but her favorite was the spot where the kid called me fuckpants as in the Spill it Fuckpants that you see before anyone comments. We had a great time with friends and family and I was able to see people I hadn’t seen in years.

There was however, a brief moment when everything went off of the rails and for a few days I’ve considered the various ways to tell the story of what happened but from where I sit today the details are not as important as the aftermath of what happened. In brief, I acted like an asshole, said some things I should not have and that’s all anyone really needs to know. As a result I wound up sitting alone in the back of a cab wondering if I could somehow disappear into the abyss instead of being with my wife in our hotel.

Now here comes the important aftermath part: In the past this would have been the first step towards me making a giant mess because back in the day I took the slightest disagreement as a sign that we were doomed but either I’ve wised up or Nina has been feeding me Mature-ios because instead of hiding from the problem we cleaned up the mess I had made together the next day. A lesson learned is good, even if the lesson is learned through stupidity. I suppose it’s better than not making any progress at all.

So to New York I say thank you for having us and to my wife I say I love you and thanks for being patient with me.


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