To The Dogs and Morning Announcements

There’s a certain tone of voice my wife and I both use when we discuss important issues, such as; finances, future plans or if we should buy a Wii. It’s the voice that says “This is a serious conversation so don’t break into an impression of Droopy Dog at any point in this discussion”. These serious discussions don’t happen very often but when we have them we probably need to go outside because they make Daisy, our dog very nervous. Daisy is accustomed to nothing but love, food and naps all day and all night so when we occasionally take a break from that to have a serious discussion she picks up on the changes in our behavior and assumes that we’re fighting. When this happens she’ll stand in between us and try to break it up. I like to think that she’s worried about us but more than likely she wants to make sure that she’s got two people at home capable of feeding her and keeping her from ending up back at the animal shelter.

Daisy should be happy to know that today marks 4 months since Nina and I were married.

Also, speaking of weddings, on Saturday September 8th the incredible Jennifer and Jeff of and 4th Street Poker Tour fame were married in Hawaii. Congratulations!


Now a few announcements:

1- On Monday night September 17th, Nina and I will be in New York City, specifically here around 8pm until whenever, so if you’re in town and care to join us or you have been waiting for a chance to throw a drink in my face, you now know where to go.

2- You know what I love, when you link to BetheBoy in your blog or on the sidebar. I like that a lot, so can I ask a favor. Check your link because if you have it listed as the old blogspot address, you’re living in the past. Come on, wise up and change it to, seriously I’m begging you. Also, if you care to add it to your’s, please use the new address.

3- Holy crap I have a lot of Anniversary Mixes to make but I’m on a roll so don’t hesitate to email me so you can get one, seriously I could make these all day long. Here, once again is how you can get me to send you free music that will not suck (reprinted from Friday):

Ready? Here’s how to play. Email someone, anyone, or several people…your mom, your sister, your old college roommate or an ex you no longer speak to and say something like…

”You should really read because he’s not that much of a jerk and I get some music if you do.”


“Read Be the Boy, it does not cause food poisoning”


“This guy Will at Be the Boy says he can kick you ass”

It’s up to you, I don’t know why you read this but whatever compels you to come here, you should probably tell someone already. Of course I need to know you told someone so you NEED TO CC ME on the email at (I promise not to spam anyone) and in the very near future I will send you a link that you can use to download your own personal mix (I’d mail them all to you but I’m poor and I hate the post office). So here’s what it should look something like this:

To: Suzie Creamcheese

”You should really read because he’s not that much of a jerk and I get some music if you do. I’m only doing this because there is something in it for me but that shouldn’t stop you from reading.”


Herbert G. Bananas

The email promotion idea borrowed from The Sneeze where you’ll find out what happens when the kids discover what parents do behind closed doors.


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