I Call a Do Over

Last week several people I know headed off to Burning Man; I laughed at them and said…”Hope you enjoy wandering the desert in a costume looking for a bathroom….I’ll be home enjoying the indoor plumbing”. As you probably have guessed already I’m not the Burning Man type but I am the type to make fun of people. This time I probably should have kept my mouth shut because whatever god controls kicking my ass worked overtime to make me regret teasing the kids in the desert. Let me recap my weekend:

While it was brutally hot, like on fire hot. Not unlike the desert.

Played poker and lost to the eventual tournament winner.

On Sunday the plumbing in my building stopped working, leaving me unable to use my shower, sinks, or toilet. The pipes worked in reverse depositing what we’ll call human waste in my shower and tub. I don’t know about your place but normally this stuff leaves my house.

After deciding that we could no longer stand the heat we went in search of a portable air conditioner only to find that there was not one to be found in the city of Los Angeles.

My wife worked the entire weekend so we barely saw one another.

To recap: It was really, really hot, I was out some cash, I could not shower and the back of the apartment smelled like a porta-potty. In addition I could not buy comfort and my wife was not there. In short, it was exactly what I imagine Burning Man to be like. I was probably just a costume away from actually being there.

This concludes the complaining portion of this blog for now. On the bright side the Jets kick off the season in five days, the heat will have subsided by then and in the meantime we can totally be facebook friends.


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