Conversations From (And About) Home

Last night I was watching a documentary and it showed footage Russian prisoners of war that had been captured by the Germans in WWII. Normally my wife doesn’t share my love for historical documentaries but in this case she was very interested because her most of her family lived in Russia during the war. As the soldiers passed across the screen she said:

“It’s strange, some of these people may be related to me, but I have no way of knowing”
Me: “Maybe they are”
“Yeah, whenever I see something on Russia in the war I stop and look for family…that’s probably just like when you look at the police blotter.”

She got a good laugh with that one but I say Ha, Ha…Mrs. Hilarious, I’ll have you know that no one in my family has been arrested for quite some time, at least a year.

In all seriousness, in two weeks from today, my wife and I will be on our way to New York (Long Island to be exact) to see my family and friends. We’re all set, flights hotels and rental cars all booked, plans made to keep the dog fed and cared for while we’re gone and my sister is preparing by sending me text messages of Eddie Grant lyrics. Everything is in place but I worry because it’s been two full years since I’ve been home and I worry that things have changed somehow.

Realistically I know that this fear is unfounded, beyond some stores closing and others opening I doubt that much has changed. I suppose what I’m really afraid of is the disappearance of the hometown that exists in my head and this surprises me because I never thought I’d feel so sentimental about the place. It’s been several years since I’ve moved away but no matter how many times I write Hometown: Los Angeles, it still doesn’t look right.

Existential hometown angst aside, we’ll be home in two weeks, for the most part we’ll be on Long Island although we’ll be spending at least one night in Manhattan meeting with some old friends and hopefully meet a few people who read this thing so if you’re going to be in town Sept. 14-18 and I haven’t contacted you already it’s probably because I’m that you’ll say no, feel free to put me at ease by emailing me at betheboy @ gmail (don’t forget the .com).


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