You Could Take it With You

Yesterday there were people in my house who had never been there before and as they looked over the glorious miscellany that makes up the fake Detective Agency we started to talk about what I’d take with me if I suddenly had to leave the place forever, this was either idle chatter or one of my gusts plans to burn my house down. For the purposes of this exercise it’s safe to assume that my wife and dog can leave the house on their own, this is why I marries someone who could walk on their own despite being offered the hand of many a hot lady with polio (yes it’s true, I know a lot of attractive women who somehow contacted an illness that has been nearly eradicated).

So, what would I take with me?

Honestly, I have to struggle to think of something that I could not live without but if I absolutely HAD to take some things with me I’d grab the following:

1 – The wedding gift of the Robot painting done by my brother Dylan. It’s a one of a kind and I like it a lot. After all, what says “I’m glad we’re related” more than a robot painting?

2- While I’m at it I’d also grab the Eric Joyner robot painting that my wife gave me as an engagement gift. In addition to saying “I’m glad we’re related”, robot paintings can also say “I’m glad that we’re getting married because we want to, not because I’m pregnant”.

3- Maybe that .45 copy of the Maids Back to Bataan (click to download) but only because it’s nearly irreplaceable but only if I was evacuating at a very leisurely pace since I’d have to find it first.

As you can see, there’s not much that I absolutely must take with me, a few robot paintings and maybe a punk rock single. What about you? What would you take with you?


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