Like That Albert Schweitzer Guy

There are few feelings worse than waking up to a reminder that you that you did something ridiculous, like drinking too much and giving a clown a handjob, or maybe worse. This morning I woke up, checked for white makeup under my nails but there was none, I was relieved to have once again dodged situation. However I wasn’t completely in the clear, when checking my email I was struck with the cold hard realization that I had created a Facebook profile, probably while hopped up on goofballs (Hey it’s better than jacking off a clown). Much like this person I don’t have a good reason for having a Facebook profile, I’m not in school and I have little inclination to network with anyone. I most likely created one because my wife has one and she’s smart, so I usually try to do like she does. Plus, if she has something it’s usually worth having, like boobs and a puppy. My wife has plenty of good reasons for networking not the least of which is that she’s nice to look at. It’s worth my time just to have another place where I can look at her In addition creating the profile allowed me to create my own business network for Be the Boy Industries; sure I’m the only member but I’m also the president. I don’t see you being the president of anything but if you ever need to pad your resume you I’ll say that you worked for me. Potential employers will know that it’s a legitimate company too because it’s on the internet.

This is my first executive office of any kind; I just hope I don’t go mad with power.


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