Keep Your Eyes on the Road

Getting hit by a truck can ruin a guy’s day, I learned this lesson early this morning while driving to work. As I wait at a light in the left turn lane turn a semi truck is making a left in front of me. Right away I realize that he doesn’t see me, he’s making the turn too tight. I wonder if I’ve taken my ivisible car and look behind me, there’s a car waiting to turn but I have a few feet of room so I hit reverse while leaning on the horn but it’s too late; the truck hits my car.

Getting out of the car I look to survey the damage but the front of my car is underneath the truck. When I seperate from the semi I can see the right front end is crushed. Thankfully the half dozen drivers who witnessed the incident all drive away…thanks people. The driver of the truck admits fault immediately and he’s very apologetic but sorry won’t make my car diveable, the front end is crushed on to the wheel so I get it off of the the street and we exchange info, I call my wife, I call work and we call a tow truck. All in all a bad way to start the morning, but it could have been worse; by backing up I minimized the damage, had I stayed in place the car would have been totaled but as it stands I need some body work to make it drivable and I’ll be fine. Of course I’m not paying for the repair and I’m not hurt so there’s not much to worry about. Tomorrow I’ll take my wife’s pink Mini to work and look out for trucks.


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