You’re Looking For the Other Guy

Somewhere there’s a man with the same first initial and last name as me who is very lonely. The other W.S. signed himself up to get a Russian bride a few years back but he typed his email address in incorrectly, since he and I have very similar names the email address he entered happened to be mine. Other people do this too because I’ve been getting this guys email periodically for over 8 years. About three years ago I started getting email updates with the other guys name on it telling me that there were ladies from Eastern Europe who wanted to meet me, I sent an email to the site saying; “I am not the W.S. you are looking for, stop sending these to me or at least send women who are my age.” The emails stopped soon afterwards but recently they started again, I assume that the other W.S. has been unlucky in love and renewed his membership. He’s probably logging in to check his matches not realizing that I’m getting the jump on him. In the parlance of the day, I could be “up in hiz emailz, checkin’ hiz girlz” but I’ve really got little use for a second wife so I hope he’s finding something he likes and if you are in the market for a mail order wife I’ve got some good leads.


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  1. russian brides are very pretty and i wish that i can marry a russian bride too ~

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