Get In The Car

I rarely ever post about the crazy search terms people use to find my blog but sometimes I look at the site meter and I find one that is too good to pass up.

Earlier today someone ended up at Be the Boy using the following search term.

“Name something you might see in the backseat of a car that would tell you it belongs to your mom”

That is possibly the most random way anyone has ever gotten here and it’s my nomination for the worst Family Feud* question ever but as it turns out I am the top result for that search term. Yup, I’m Number One of 211,000. I should probably change the tagline to “Knows all about the backseat of your mom’s car”.

*Speaking of Family Feud, Richard Dawson was awesome. I could watch old episodes of the feud all day. In addition to his TV and film work Richard Dawson is also awesome because he was once married to Diana Dors who in terms of looks was considered the British answer to Marylin Monroe. Look at her picture below and you’ll understand why.


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