Some Direction Home

I’ve been having fun trying to guess peoples occupations following yesterday’s post even though I’m still stumped by a few of them. Take a look for yourself here and play along if you like.

Now for some other stuff:

For the past few days I’ve been getting more visitors than usual from my hometown of Copiague, NY. On an average day I get a few from family and friends but for the past few days there have been more than usual. This means one of the following things:

1- The Chamber of Commerce is going to give me the key to the city. Actually, I doubt there is a key to the city, there isn’t even a mayor so if there’s going to be a presentation someone will have to be quickly elected to the post and then go out to rent a top hat and monocle and then have a big key made. Now that I figure all of these factors in, it seems unlikely that I’m going to be honored when I visit home in September.

2- Back home a reclusive millionaire has passed away and left me a bag o’ money, now the executor of the estate is trying to locate me to deliver my riches. I probably never met the person but the heard I was awesome and worthy of riches. Hopefully I won’t have to spend a night in the deceased haunted house in order to claim the prize.

3- Someone said to themselves “I wonder whatever happened to…” and looked me up, while my full name does not appear on this blog, it’s not that hard to connect the dots and find me. It’s also possible that they said “I hope that guy is dead, lets look and see”. I am not dead, unless you are reading this in the distant future in which case I am.
(Note to digital archeologists of the distant future: Those cats could not actually has cheezburgers.)

So there you have it, either there’s going to be a parade for me (unlikely), or riches, but most likely someone I haven’t seen or heard from in ages has looked me up. I have an idea of who it could be but I guess I’ll never really know for sure. Hopefully they enjoyed the reading.


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