My Favorite Blogger Game

Today is July 24th so that means it’s time to play my favorite blog game; “How did you get here and other questions”. This game is an open invitation for everyone to participate, even if you never have before (yes, I’m talking to YOU).

The rules are very simple, just answer the following questions:

1- How did you find this blog?
2- Where are you (approximately, I don’t want your address)?

The above questions are mandatory but the final one is optional. This is where the fun gets busted out.

3- Can you tell me something that rhymes with your line of work?

The game starts when we try to determine what others do for as living based on the rhymes submitted.

I’ll go first in the comments, now it’s your turn.

P.S. – Every day, numerous people find this blog looking for instructions for making sex toys you, if you’re one of these people you can lie and say you found it some other way. If you’re looking for help making sex toys you’re in the wrong place, this story notwithstanding.


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