Changes Made

Hey look up at the top of the page, in the address bar. Notice something different? The address for my blog is now I figured I better buy the domain before someone makes a gay robot porn site with it. How does this affect you? Not at all, for now if you go to the old link it will still get you to the right place, but that won’t always be the case so you may want to update your records and tell your mom now. Just take a moment and update your fancy links* to read I’ll wait here while you do that.

Ok now that you’ve made note of that change we can get on with our lives. Someday I’ll redo the look but for now I’m still keeping it simple, mostly because I can’t decide how I want it to look. I should probably just pay someone to do it for me but for now it will just have the same old look at a new address.

Finally, yesterday’s mention of the Replacements Hootenanny caused me to dig out some rare Replacements songs and share them with you. Click in the link below to download the four song .zip file.

Replacements Rare Song Sampler

The songs are as follows:

Ought To Get Love
Route 66
Bundle Up (alt. version of Jungle Rock)
Tossin’ and Turnin’

If you’re interested in more, email me (address is in the profile) or leave a comment and I’ll send some your way.

* If you don’t have this linked already, now is the perfect time to fix that.

A few people have told me that they still see the .blogspot address but trust me is the way to go.

Update: Story Below Added at 2:00 PM 7/19

Blind Spots

There are certain things I’m oblivious to and the reasons for it vary between things simply have no concept of and things I choose to. On the no concept side I’m oblivious to which clothes go well together because I’m partially colorblind. I can’t tell what looks good together but luckily I got married and I have someone to tell me if I match. On the ignorant side of oblivion is weight gain.

For a few weeks my pants haven’t been fitting quite the same but I refuse to face the fact that I may be getting larger, this has gone on for years. Good news: I can still fit into the same size pants I wore in college. Bad News: I can only fit into them with great effort, and then I can’t put anything in my front pockets.

So common sense would tell me that I just can’t fit into the same size pants but I try to rationalize it in order to keep eating cookies. Yesterday, I thought I found the reason why my clothes don’t fit the same. When I went into the kitchen at the office I grabbed a coffee cup and realized that it didn’t feel the same. Normally my hand doesn’t fit all the way around the cup and if I’m holding it at the bottom there is lots of cup sticking out on top but yesterday the cup practically disappeared in my hand…there was only one reasonable explanation…I became a giant. Who knows when it happened but clearly I had become a gigantic human. How tall had I gotten? 9 feet? 12 feet tall?

They say that you never see gigantism coming so I wasn’t surprised that I missed the signs but looking back it all made sense; the clothes not fitting, hitting my head when I tried to hide under the table and saying Fe-Fi-Fo-Fum in my sleep. As I stood there, tiny coffee cup held between two fingers preparing to lay waste to several city blocks. I remembered what my great grandfather said to me before he died. He said; “if you ever wake up as a giant, be cool about it”. So just before I said “Bow down before your new giant king” I took a deep breath, poured a tiny cup of coffee and noticed someone coming in with more coffee cups…bigger cups, the cups we usually use. She said “Sorry, I got the small cups by mistake”, and left me standing there with the bitterest cup of coffee ever.


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