Sensory Disturbance In The Force

Thanks to the people behind the curtain of the internet I was able to learn more about the side effects of medication withdrawal yesterday. The symptoms I’m experiencing are not caused by monkeys after all, they are actually miniature seizures. Honestly this explanation does not comfort me. According to sources they are called brain zaps, brain shivers or brain jolts, the technical term is myalotinasis which is the Greek word for brain + jolt and drug companies refer to it as “Sensory disturbances”. I liked it better when I thought they were caused by monkeys.

Thanks to people pointing me in the right direction I was able to learn some ways to minimize the symptoms last night long enough to have an impromptu, dinner date with my wife. Since it’s documented on video that I sometimes shun her company for Jesus, I’ve got to make up for it somehow. The evening was very casual but much needed. It has been too easy post wedding to slip into a routine of work….home…dinner…Law & Order…History Channel documentaries…sleep so I think that it’s important that we get out together more often even if it’s just for a quick meal at The Farmers Market, or a night of live music like we had on Friday. Sometimes it’s in these moments of routine breaking that I see so clearly why I married this girl. On Friday night we were at an overpriced Hollywood nightspot (thanks to a comp admission from the good people at Eenie Meenie) seeing a very good band play. After about five songs the band suddenly ditches the up tempo rock for a slower pace. My wife turns to me and says:

Nina: “This must be their emo song”
Me: Yeah about that girl who broke his heart”
Nina: “Right, but he just wants her to know that he still cares about her and hopes she’s doing well”
Me: “He’s sensitive like that”
Nina: I think it’s called ‘You’re Out of My Facebook But You’re Still In My Heart’.”


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