Pomp and Circumstance

This week my brother Kenny graduates from High School. Kenny is not only my youngest brother but he is the only person I know who specifically asked that I not write specifically about him here but in honor of his graduation he has lifted the blog ban. So allow me to congratulate my brother on successfully completing high school. He’ll be starting college in the fall but in the meantime he’s got a few months to have a good time. To help kick out the summer jams here’s a quick story about me and my brother.

Kenny likes his movies bloody and his music to rock hard…make that rock REALLY hard. One day I was visiting home in NY and Kenny and I we’re heading to the video store to pick up some slasher flicks and then going to the record store. While browsing records I notice that every girl in the place knows him and that he’s very particular about his music. Basically if it’s not metal it’s not music, the harder and faster the better. Kenny’s just browsing and chatting up the girls while I make my purchase, a used copy of a classic punk album. I figure I’ll gain some cred with my little brother when I put it on in the car.

The music starts and Kenny asks;

“What is this, The Beach Boys?”

I knew that day that I’d never rock as hard as my brother.

Update: This article reminds me of him.

…and Survey Results

Last week I posted a survey to try and learn some more about the readers of this blog. The results are in and I learned some interesting things. Here are a few of the findings.

1- At least 20% of the readers who responded want more filthy stuff while others want surprise endings, more dinosaurs and robots.

2- More than 93% of you would recommend it to their patients who read blogs.

3- Most of the people who read this have never met me and never interacted with me online, which brings to mind the obvious question; who are they?

4- Nearly 5% of the people who responded do so based on disliking me and possibly wishing me dead. I assure you that I will die someday; I’ll try to give you some advance notice on that.

More on this later. Thanks for participating; I appreciate you taking the time to playing along with me


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