Spanning Time (and a video blog)

A birthday post from the archives- A story about 1984 that I told here in 2004:

As a kid I wanted to have a birthday party but I was shy and would never take the step of planning it and inviting other kids. What if they said no? What if my dad peed on the fence and all the kids saw? What if no one showed? Out of fear or just circumstance birthdays were kept to family and having a large family this was actually pretty great. Except for the year my mother forgot the cake and in lieu of a cake gave me a potato with a candle in it. Not a birthday candle, one of those dinner table candles. Happy 10th birthday, finish your potato. In truth this wasn’t really too much of a bother. although my brother and sister insist I was heartbroken I don’t quite remember it that way.

Fast forward to today:

When I was pulled out of my dreams by my alarm clock this morning Nina also woke up to wish me happy birthday. Today doesn’t feel any different than yesterday but when I think back to this day last year I realize just how much everything has changed. Just a year ago the problems seemed insurmountable; it’s safe to say that mistakes were made, a lot of them. I didn’t know that a few months later I would finally start to apply the lessons I had taken a long time to figure out. I didn’t know last year that I’d have a better relationship with my family and myself today, and I didn’t know that I’d be working my way out of debt, these are good things. Most importantly, on this day last year I had no idea that in about five months I’d meet a girl for the first time and she would change everything.

While my wife tells me that there will be a gift waiting for me I’m pretty sure that I’ve been given enough already.

Speaking of my wife, there’s a new BetheMarriage video blog. It’s a belated fathers day appreciation post. Thanks for watching.

Previous episodes can be seen here.


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  1. That was a little bit beautiful. Happy Birthday!

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