The Real Surprise

On Friday I said that I rarely discuss TV here but since I was talking about the Soprano’s finale I feel I should follow up if only to say that I was pleased with the ending even though I appear to be in the minority in this area. What about you, were you satisfied, disappointed or something else?

Since I’m sure many people have yet to see it I won’t go into details on the show but I will say that last night’s episode pulled off one amazing feat that you may not have realized. The Soprano’s finale marked the first time America collectively enjoyed a Journey song in a NON IRONIC way since 1983. Regardless of your feelings about the show you have to admit that the absolutely sincere use of a Journey song on TV is quite an accomplishment.

Somewhere Steve Perry is looking down on all of us with a smile on his face*.

*I’m aware that Journey singer Steve Perry is not dead, I was just implying that he is tall or at least standing on a chair.


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