Don’t Just Stand There

At the slightest suggestion that we might need something for the house I’ll offer to go to the store, in fact I’ll fight to be able to go grocery shopping. You see, my wife does the bulk of the shopping for household items because a) She’s a woman and B) I’m an idiot (I’m joking about one of those reasons). It’s a good thing she does the shopping because left to my own devices I’d buy $200 worth of candy and cereal every time. The Mrs. On the other hand buys food that will sustain us. My lack of planning aside, if you send me for specific items it’s a safe bet I’ll come back with the right things, so while I don’t get to handle the big shopping trips I am allowed to go for soup, cake and condoms. I look forward to these trips because I love going grocery shopping, but not just anywhere, there’s one specific store; the Trader Joe’s on Santa Monica in Hollywood (for those of you who don’t live near one Trader Joe’s is the best grocery store ever).

I used to love going there because there used to be a great video store right next door. While the video store has closed I found a new reason. Every time I go to the Hollywood Trader Joe’s they are playing “Bust a Move”. Did you know that it’s impossible to be in a bad move when “Bust a Move” is playing? It’s true because I said so. Don’t believe me? Click here and listen.

See you feel better, don’t you?

Now I don’t own Bust a Move and I have no desire to, I think that Young MC is best enjoyed in moderation but I know that whenever I feel down all I have to do is go to the Bust a Move store and I’ll feel fine.


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