180 Degrees, 180 Days

Today I’m taking a break from wedding recaps to discuss an important milestone but there is a great write up by the Slackmistress at her site with some silly pictures as a bonus.


The first time anyone played the Replacements for me it was at a girl’s house back home on Long Island, well it was her parent’s house, being teenagers we had difficulties with home ownership. Anyway, in the basement with the paneling and the bar we sat on the couch amidst the laundry and the books and the things that had been moved downstairs when she outgrew them. It was several years before she’d Kiss me On the Bus. I wasn’t aware that she would change my life but the music did immediately. The first time I hear Paul Westerberg’s voice crack as he strained to be heard over Bob Stinson’s guitar, I felt like I had been struck by lightning. This was the first time I heard something and immediately knew that it was what I had been looking for. Had I been a kid in 1964 I may have felt the same feeling about the Beatles but I was born too late for that so the Replacements would have to be my Fab 4 and that’s fine with me.

In the years since I’ve had a similar feeling about other music, other things and people, the feeling that from this moment I am changed forever. The first time I heard The Swell Maps I was blown away, rarely have I ever heard something that made me want to both dance and crash my car at the same time (see clip below). I felt equally moved the first time I went to Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles but no music, chicken or waffles can compare to when a person gives you the feeling.

The fist time she knocked on my door she almost never did. We had met for the first time a week before and on this night we had been chatting online when I dared her to come over, knowing full well she would say no. I had been inviting her out for the past several days and the answer was always no. Maybe it was because I issued the invite as a challenge rather than a request but she said yes. I wasn’t prepared for yes but I couldn’t back out now, I knew I liked her and my chances with her hinged on making good that night. I gave her directions and got ready but I’d never be ready enough. When she showed up all dressed like a super villain I felt silly in my jacket but as we sat there together, alone for the first time I knew as sure as anything I’d ever known that this was what I’d been looking for. It would take her a little longer to admit the same but not too long, after all that day was only six months ago as of yesterday. As we say at home, when you know, you just know.

The Swell Maps – Lets Build a Car


The Replacements – Color Me Impressed

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