Here We Go

The planning is complete.
The wine has been picked up; the bottles feature custom labels that you can see here.
The Slackmistress has made programs.
I have finally settled on a pre-ceremony play list, the five songs below will play as our guests are seated:

1. If There’s Such a Thing as Love – The Magnetic Fields
2. Baby Let Me Hold Your Hand – Professor Longhair
3. In Your Own Sweet Way – Wes Montgomery
4. The Way You Look Tonight – Oscar Peterson
5. Chicken Payback – The Bees

You can download a .ZIP file of the songs here and create your own Be the Boy Interactive Wedding Experience. Just play the songs and watch the web cast, although honestly to complete the experience you might want to consider pacing nervously while the first four songs play then dancing during the last one (be sure to play them in order). It will be just like you are the one getting married except you probably won’t be coming up to the honeymoon suite afterwards.

There you have it, we’re all set. With any luck it won’t turn out like the wedding of The Monarch and Dr. Girlfriend (part II here).

Thanks for all your kindness and support.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to get to the church on time.


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