With This Ring I Destroy He-Man

Yesterday my wedding ring arrived for the second time. The first time it didn’t fit but yesterday I tried it on and it was fine. As I stood there staring at it on my hand I wanted to do something to make the ring really mine, I turned to the slackmistress and said; “To make it official I better go pee with it on.” I’m not sure how this would make it official but it’s a well known fact that thieves will not steal something that has touched your junk (look it up) so I figured I was just being safe.

The slackmistress disagreed; “Don’t do that, it could fall off and get flushed down the toilet.”

I protested on the grounds that it was securely on my hand and I’d be extra careful but then she said; “I just don’t want anything to go wrong…crazy things happen”.

She’s right, strange things do happen…I put the ring back in the box.

I understand where the fear comes from, the Slackmistress used to live across the street from the Skeletor* and Skeletor’s wife was always fishing his wedding ring out of the drain**.

* For the record this was post Castle Greyskull.

** Am I the only one with a problem with Skeletor being a muscular skeleton? When was the last time you saw a buff skeleton?


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