No Time for Facts

I used to work in a bookstore and I didn’t like it very much but I stuck around largely as an excuse to hang out with a friend who also worked there. He was the best part of a crappy job and he comments here as from time to time Paul L. and sometimes under the pen name J. Novick. The reason I mention him is because we used to pass the time at work with something we called the Snap Judgment Game. The game was played like this: Any time a new person started we made no effort to get to know them for as long as humanly possible and instead we made guesses about their life based on appearance, things we saw and things we heard, we’d try to build a complete backstory and personal code of ethics for the person. Later when we finally got to know the person we could look back our guesses.

However, because Paul and I were both cynical and mean spirited we always assumed the worst, in fact our snap judgments almost always revolved around the new hires being sociopaths and/or sex offenders. In most cases we were wrong but we still played the Snap Judgment Game, I still play it now and I’m probably still wrong. The game has been made easier to play thanks to the internet and blogging, I no longer have to wait for someone new to start a job, I can just click a link and judge away. Thankfully I no longer assume that EVERYONE is evil just some people. You should try it at home, if you do please share your findings especially if they are about me.

If you don’t want to play the game, try visiting Planet Unicorn below:


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