Made a List

As inspired by this girl here are 10 things that suck and 5 things that don’t:

10 Things That Suck

1- Nazis – I just don’t like Nazis
2- Dining with Midgets – Still can’t do that
3- How I look on camera – ridiculous
4- When a friend’s dad gets dirty in the comments – see video below

5- My poker skills – awful
6- Wedding- planning – Stressful and I’m doing the easy stuff
7- I still have no robot butler
8- Still 656 days until Bush leaves office
9- My fantasy baseball team – not yet but give it time
10- Dan Marino/Don Shula (tie)

5 Things That are Great

5- Tulsa, Oklahoma
4- Fake detective agencies
3-This as a wedding ring
2- Robots on trampolines
1- The Slackmistress


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