Fake Future Shock

That last post was a downer so here’s another….hopefully lighter

On Sunday morning, we slept in late and when we finally decided to get up the clock on the nightstand said 10:15. We got up, brushed our teeth, got dressed, talked about things we needed to do, walked the dog, got coffee, walked back home and then I decided I wanted to go to the store to pick up some things for dinner. I got in my car and it was only 10:35…somehow we did all of those things in only 20 minutes, damn we are fast I thought to myself…so fast we just bent time. When I got back from the store I stopped in the bedroom and noticed something…the clock in the bedroom was different from the kitchen clock…there could be only one explanation THE BEDROOM WAS IN THE FUTURE….

I called the Slackmistress who was in the living room….

“Baby, guess what”
– “What?”

(I pause)

“You have to guess”
– “Just tell me”

“The bedroom is in the future!”
-“Really, are there flying cars?”
“No, it’s not that far.”

(She crosses the kitchen and comes towards the room)

– “Are my clothes still in style?”
“Yeah, it’s just an hour in the future.”

She looks at the clock then looks at the time on her phone.

“You’re right; this room is one hour in the future.”
– “Well if you need me I’ll be in the past thinking this over, and then I’ll go ahead an hour to get the answer.”

Before I could try this time leap plan she stopped me and said:

“Wait, wasn’t today supposed to be the start of daylight saving time before it was changed…I think the clock updated itself overnight.”
-“It can do that? That’s less fun.”
“I know…plus we woke up an hour earlier than we thought.”

I hate that stupid clock and its self adjusting fake future ways.


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