Some Things You Need to Know

1- Do you have plans for tomorrow night? If so, cancel them because tomorrow night Cartoon Network will be airing Billy & Mandy’s Big Boogey Adventure written by none other than the love of my life The Slackmistress. It’s a feature length edition of The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy.

Finally a reason to stay home on Friday night, tune in or set your TiVo to record it. In most areas it’s on at 7:00 pm and again at 8:45 tomorrow night March 30th. Go to Cartoon Network’s online guide to check the air time.

Get drunk and watch it with someone you love.

P.S. – It’s okay if you have sex during the second showing.

2- Recently while wasting some time I found a clip of The Dead Boys from 1978. The show was benefit held at CBGB to raise money for the medical bills of Dead Boys drummer Johnny Blitz who had been attacked and stabbed. Unless you’re a hardcore fan of the late 70’s NY punk scene The Dead Boys are largely forgotten so here they are for your viewing/listening pleasure. It should be also noted that on one song the drums are manned by none other than John Belushi, yes THAT John Belushi.

3- If you’re keeping score at home I’ll be married six weeks from today. Since we can’t invite everyone we’d like to have there (i.e. all of you) we are going to web cast it. More on webcasting to come on that as we get closer to the date, in the meantime I still need to get my suit and make sure that the family is all set for the trip to Vegas.

4- If you’re like me (and I know you are) you check The Sneeze regularly and you probably have stayed up nights plotting ways to meet the man behind it. Well now is your chance as Steve will be stepping out to see one of his favorite bands at the Knitting Factory in Hollywood on May 4th. Go to The Sneeze for details on how you too can meet Steve and buy him a drink.

5- Finally, I miss you Boobs Radley. Come back soon.


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